• The Magic City

    Miami; while tourism continues to be one of Miami’s principal industries, Miami is a major center
    in finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts and international trade.

  • Beirut

    Beirut is both the largest and capital city of Lebanon. Located on a peninsula at the midpoint of
    Lebanon's Mediterranean Coast, it serves as the country's largest and main seaport.

  • Moscow

    According to Forbes, 2011, Moscow has the largest community of billionaires in the world.
    Moscow is the northernmost city on earth, the second most populous city in Europe and the
    6th largest city proper in the world.
  • Dubai

    The Future City! Dubai has emerged as a cosmopolitan metropolis that has grown
    to become a global city and a business and cultural hub of the Middle East.

  • Cairo

    Cairo has long been a centre of the region's political and cultural life. The city is also
    associated with Ancient Egypt as it is close to the ancient cities of Memphis, and the
    pyramids of Giza.
  • Paris

    Paris is today one of the world's leading businessand cultural centers and its influences in politics,
    education, entertainment, media, science, and the arts all contribute to its status as one of the
    world's major global cities.
  • Doha

    Doha is the capital city of the state of Qatar. Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf. Doha also
    serves as the seat of government of Qatar, which is ruled by Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.
    Doha is home to the Education City, an area devoted to research and education.

The Sister Cities


Emile "Ur Cousin" Farah is a Special Ambassador of The City of Miami

Sister Cities International’s mission is to promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation — one individual, one community at a time.

Founded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Sister Cities International serves as the national membership organization for individual sister cities, counties, and states across the United States. Sister Cities International is a nonprofit citizen diplomacy network that creates and strengthens partnerships between U.S. and international communities, promoting peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation — one individual, one community at a time. This network unites thousands of citizen diplomats, educators, political and business leaders, youth, and volunteers in programs in 136 countries across six continents. Sister Cities International helps advance peace and prosperity through educational, humanitarian, and economic efforts, and serves as a hub of institutional knowledge and best practices to benefit today’s citizen diplomats, and those for generations to come.

Sister Cities International is a proud leader of the citizen diplomacy movement and strives to strengthen the network through strategic partnerships, educational sessions for members, public panel discussions on relevant issues, and key programming to support our members in building and expanding their local programs. We motivate and empower private citizens, municipal officials, and business leaders to conduct long-term, mutually beneficial, sister city relationships.


What are Sister City Relationships?

A sister city program is a volunteer group of ordinary citizens who, with the support of their local elected officials, form long-term relationships with people and organizations in a city abroad. Each sister city program is independent and pursues the activities and thematic areas that are important to them and their community. A city may have any number of sister cities, with local membership including anywhere from a few to hundreds of volunteers. Programs may receive some support from local government, and all sister city relationships are formalized by agreements between the mayors or highest elected officials from two communities. Sister city programs promote peace through people-to-people relationships—with activities ranging from cultural and educational exchange programs to shared research and development projects to trade missions. Sister cities offer the flexibility to allow mutually beneficial connections to form and for communities to develop projects and explore issues that are most relevant to themselves.


Sister Cities unites two cities through education, benefitting citizens, key programming, art, culture, music, and trading. The organization’s mission is to "promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation—one individual, one community at a time.” Miami, also known as the magic city, is so diverse with its population. There are so many foreigners and the majority of our investors come from overseas, so what better idea than to combine forces and join sister cities with another country across the world from us. Sister cities have been a great success and it has not only truly broadened the horizons for the citizens but it has captivated culture in a whole new limelight.

One of the main components of Sister Cities is
Education. One may think what does education
have to do with binding two cities together?
Great question! Whether you may believe it or
not, education is the solution to most problems.
The highest elected officials in all countries
gained their position through their education.  For
many of you that already know, education is vital
for one’s success and the impact that it has in
today’s society surpasses any century yet. Everyday
the growing generation becomes smarter and
smarter, they become savvier with technology
than the adult generation would have ever thought
of back in their growing ages. Fortunately, nowadays
we all need education; society doesn’t give one
importance without this key element. It is safe to say
that education inherently justifies us. It is through
education that we can spread insight, intelligence,
and information which are received and spread all
throughout the universe. As you have already read
education is key to success, and without success we
have nothing.
Since education is a key concept with Sister Cities,
I would like to discuss how student exchange programs
became popular and how essential they are in education
and the Sister City concept. Student exchange programs
became well-known after World War II. The main
purpose of this program was to heighten students
(the light of our future) understanding and open-
mindedness of other cultures out there. The purpose was
for them to live outside the box, outside their country,
outside their everyday lifestyles, outside their beliefs, etc.
Another purpose behind Student Exchange Programs is
to enhance their language skills as well as expand their
social compass. International exchange programs are
beyond beneficial to students and it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to represent your school, city, and
even nation. Student Exchange programs boosts one’s
perception of cultures, communities, and language in a
positive way. This program would not be possible without
the placement of Sister Cities throughout the world.

Key Programming

This component of sister city is also very vital, because without key programming we wouldn’t have programs that are able to cater to both cities. Key programming doesn’t happen by itself and with the help of the citizens and officials of the city they are able to cater to the two different communities. Each city, especially when their located in two different countries will have different taste, beliefs, culture, events, etc., which is why they find similarities between the two and form one program which consists of different ways to bond the two and start the love and close friendships.

Miami is rich with culture and that clearly shows with the incredible variety of yearly events and festivals held each year in this magic city. Some festivals which are held in the beautiful area of South Florida are as follows: Art Basel, Ultra Music Festival, Miami International boat Show, Cuba Nostalgia, Coral Gables Oktoberbest, Carnaval Miami and Calle Ocho, Miami Beach International Fashion Week, Miccosukee Indian Arts Festival , Cultural Fridays and many more! This city has so much to offer and these festivals would not be possible without key programming.

Benefit Citizens
There are an astonishing amount of benefits for the citizens
that are part of these two different countries which are
binded in a partnership whether their cities, counties or
states. Since sister cities have been around, citizens who
have had their city play a role in this have been truly
benefitted. The programs that have been offered through
Sister Cities have brought such light to both sides of the
It is clear to us that since the development of authorized
sister city organizations, hundreds of cities within the U.S.
and internationally have all entered into different partner-
ships with one another.   Many of these relationships
efficiently benefit the cities, but more importantly the
citizens individually. Sister cities area of focus is to
concentrate all of their attention on binding two
completely different cities, from across the world and
bringing them together through their programming
while building cultural and commercial relations. This is
all done for the benefits of the citizens, especially the
youth, who will be the eye of our future.


One of the main reasons sister cities came about was to spread the knowledge of other cultures worldwide and have us as citizens be able to step out of our comfort zone and learn another’s culture and their reasoning behind things they do. Culture has many meanings and interpretations. One of the main meanings of culture is the habits of people of a specific region, nationality or religion. When you learn about others cultures, you learn about other people, how they see life, what they have to cope with, what is important to them, and it gives you a better understanding on your own life and what you have to be thankful for or what you need to work on. Having your city bind with another city across the world shows you are unbiased and are willing to learn about their culture and experience how others act and live on a day to day basis.

In regards to Miami, I have never seen such a versatile, open-minded population. It is truly mind boggling with how many people overseas come to visit this city; Miami is known to accept everyone, no matter one’s race, nationality, etc. In the beautiful city of Miami, it shows such diversity of culture that it is difficult to not feel at home. No matter where you come from, one will always find someone from their part of the country and because of this we are known and talked about positively all throughout the world.


When we think of the word "Art "we think of an ex-
pression of human creative skill and great imagination,
usually in a form a painting or sculpture. When art is
brought up we never think how valuable it truly is or
how many broken paths it has fixed, or the true mean-
ings of the paintings, or even how two countries who
have so many differences and very little similarities can
be brought together through simple work. When art is
involved it is as if it brings different cultures together like nothing else can. Art speaks directly through our emotions and brings us together to honor both similarities and differences.
One of the biggest and most successful art festivals that have taken place in Miami is: Art Basel Festival in Miami Beach. This festival is a prime example of how a festival with the same theme and idea is able to take place in three different countries, all of which speak different languages and have acquired very different cultures. This art festival is actually the only art show that has such a great global reach. Art Basel was founded on 1970 and takes place in Miami, Basel, and Hong Kong, it cannot get anymore internationally cultured. Art Basel displays works by world-renowned artists that are from all over the world displaying their modern and contemporary art. Tourists come to Miami during this time of year just to view the work of various artists who clearly contain different tastes and backgrounds.


Sister cities included trade in their mission because it has shown to be extremely beneficial to both countries involved in trading. A trade mission with two cities expands ties. Trading is beneficial to both sides, even if one may have an absolute advantage in the production of both goods that are to be traded. Certain terms of trade are that both countries must lower the opportunity costs of the goods traded. Trading is truly a great way to show other cities in different countries that we can use a second hand with the goods. It shows we depend on them and trust them enough to help each other and rely on them in a certain situation. Countries look at is as a great way to flaunt their skills and while at the same time getting something in return for it.

The World Trade Center Miami is an affiliate of the World Trade Centers Association which happens to be the most superior global trade organization promoting two-way trade. The World Trade Centers are all over the world and are located in 91 countries, which contain 2 million corporate members and associates. The World Trade Center Miami’s oldest international promotes and improves international business opportunities for its exclusive companies. It is a great company to export and import from other countries all over the world, forming friendships and most importantly trust. Sister cities have incorporated trading into their purpose because it has proven to form lots of traffic within the two countries and provide various benefits to both parties.


Music is on the same playing field as art and culture, with the only difference that music is a different type of art, which offers so many different genres for one to exper-ience. Music is one’s home away from home; every person no matter your race, nationality, ethnicity, etc. has a favorite song, genre, artist, DJ, etc. Music is so strong and significant because it can describe people, places, animals, and things that words simply cannot. Through music we have a better understanding of certain things, which leads us to appreciating more things in our life. Music is such an important component and connection to sister cities, be-
cause it helps certain cultures and people worldwide in
ways that one cannot with normal talking. Music is a great way to connect to other people that are outside of your group. Most people look at music as an outburst of one’s soul and when you reach this certain level that the music takes you too it leads you to happiness and understanding of others.
As many may know, Ultra Music Festival, an outdoor
electronic music festival, takes place in the one and
only Miami. This festival brings people from all over
the nation, all over the world,  all cultures, and puts
them into one festival to express their profound love
that they have for the music, artists, and DJ’s. Ultra
Music Festival, famously known as UMF, not only
occurs in Miami, but it takes place in 6 different cities
from 6 entirely different countries such as: Ibiza,
Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Santiago, Seoul, and
Split/Havr. One thing that is so great about this
festival which takes place worldwide, is the fact that
all the DJ’s and artists who come to perform their
music, perform the same music in all the other
countries, which shows that no matter how different
our culture, race, nationality, beliefs, and religion
may be we all fall under the same understanding
when it comes to music, no matter what city
discussed. This sister city program shows us that we
have been able to close off all negativity towards other countries and let all these other categories discussed
unite us into one family, with music being a very
important category.

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions are very popular with mayors or elected officials of two countries or several countries that are brought together between issues that may arise or new ideas and innovations that are soon to be implemented into the systems. Panel Discussions go hand in hand with Relevant Issues, because these issues that are brought up are also very significant in the way the panel discussions pan out. Panel Discussions between Sister cities are a great way to discuss, bring up new ideas, thoughts, or even address current issues that one’s country may be weak in while the other city is strong in. Alongside these discussions the two cities are able to provide insight to one another as well as focus on issues occurring in both cities.

Cities are leading on Green Roofs and other climate change adaptation degrees. Since there was no response provided by the international level on launching climate change and other global targetable concerns, city leaders and citizens soon became highly interested in action at the local level. This event was the World Congress on cities and Adaptation to climate change, which was presented by over 500 contributors from continents all over the world. The great part about this Panel Discussion was that it was followed up in 2011 and 2012 with great regard. With the program sister city, it makes these issues much easier and more possible to follow up with and address them to promote international understanding between two sister cities.


Relevant Issues

The term "Relevant Issues” in relation to sister
cities covers many spectrums across the board. There are a large amount of issues that occur in several countries that higher officials deal with on a day to day basis such as terrorism, global warming, crime, medical attention, poverty, war, economic hardships/recession, environmental issues, natural disasters, human population and the list goes on and on. These are ongoing global issues that no matter how hard we fight to eliminate or even decrease these issues worldwide they will always be on the surface. With sister city being part of this we are able to compare the two countries and see the statistics behind these issues and compare the two. Having two cities that are side by side to each other and communicate with each other on these issues is a great way to continue the friendship and aid one another in elimination these global issues that cannot be ignored.
Natural Disasters Worldwide

Natural Disasters happen all over the world, no matter what country you may live in. They may not occur as often as it rains but they do occur somewhat frequently, some areas more frequently than others. Below are a few several intense Natural Disasters that occurred in worldwide:

  • ·  Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan of 2011
  • ·  Kobe Earthquake in Japan of 1995
  • ·  Hurricane Katrina in the U.S. of 2005
  • ·  Sichuan Earthquake in China of 2008
  • ·          Northridge Earthquake in the U.S. of 1994                     

     These are just a few tragic events that have occurred, causing billions of dollars in damages. It is apparent that without sister cities and other countries involvement to come in and make a change, it will be every man for himself. Miami and the cities involvement to other cities outside the U.S. is great way to donate one’s time and money. 




 Strategic Partnership

To put it simply, strategic partnership is an established agreement between two commercial businesses, put together by one or more business agreements but does not reach a legal partnership or corporate joined alliance. Strategic partnership is very common with sister cities, it usually occurs when two companies or in this case cities form a partnership when each carries one or more business advantages that will assist with one another, but inconsequentially do not want to develop within.

A common strategic partnership that may occur between two different cities could involve one city providing engineering or the manufacture of a specific product whereas the other city provides the marketing aspect. Therefore, one sells and the other creates, without the creation of a product then there will be no capital and without having one city to sell their product and attract traffic to the product they wouldn’t be able to sell the product. This type of partnership leads to reliance on one another, which is where sister city plays a large role in.