Munir Nasr

"My name is Munir Nasr, I am a Lebanese photographer. I believe that simplicity is strength. I am so in my life with my family members, friends and I am so in my photos when possible. Besides simplicity in my photos, I always have a center of interest, for example when taking a general view scene I try to have an interesting element in the foreground, wait for a nice sunset or work on a special type of lighting. When people see nice photographs many of them don’t realize how much effort went into taking them. Sometimes I return to the same location several times in order to take the picture with the perfect lighting or wait a few hours with the camera on the tripod till the sun rises or falls to just the right place in the photo. It is in all my portrait pictures that my main concentration is on the eyes. I believe I was lucky to have worked as a photographer for United Nations covering many subjects, my favorite being humanitarian topics for NGO’s along with the UN. Taking pictures of children, especially children of the Middle East with their black eyes always fascinated me." To view more of Munir's work, click the images above. 


Said Farah

Said Farah is a Lebanese acclaimed portrait and commercial photographer and is one of the fastest growing photographers. His unique style has defined his work since ten years ago. Said photographs as well as films all kinds of events, such as Weddings, First Communions, and huge events. To contact of get more information on Said Farah, please click the image to the right.