Naim & Marie Farah Foundation

The Naim and Marie Farah Foundation was created in early 2010 as a memorial for the dear parents of the Farah children. In memory of their Mother and Father, Emile and his siblings Alice, Giselle, Nelly, John and Francois aimed to work closely with institutions and organizations throughout the Middle East and the world, especially in Palestine. 

Our father Naim wasborn in the city of Nazareth and our mother Marie was born in a village north of Nazareth. They both met at a Catholic School in Jerusalem, both graduatingfrom that school and then marrying on October 13, 1940. After getting married, Naim and Maries lived as philanthropists, always giving to orphanages, refugee camps, and the impoverished families and peoples of Jerusalem.

After immigrating to the United States in 1975, Naim and Marie became very involved in raising money for needy Palestinians throughout the Arab World. It varied from buying books and crayons to children in schools, to hearing aids for the deaf, to wheel chairs for the paralyzed, food for the hungry, medical machinery for hospitals, and they did this together throughout their lives.

Naim and Marie Farah supported charities that dedicated their lives to caring for suffering patients. Specifically, ones that operated as orphanages, nurseries, homes for the elderly, as well as kindergartens.

Naim and Marie Farah will always be loved and missed by the Farah family especially their 6 children, their 13 grandchildren, and 7 great-grandchildren. Today the Naim and MarieFarah Foundation continues to give and impact communities worldwide. Six months ago, there were paintings that were donated for Autistic children, there were also paintings donated to support breast cancer awareness in London, and thispast Thanksgiving of 2012, Naim and Marie Foundation raised 350 turkeys to feed to the needy families living in the City of Miami, feeding nearly 2,800. Yes, that is a lot of people to feed and yes, all of the Farah kids, grandkids, and great grandkids, will continue to contribute donations through the Naim and Marie Farah Foundation.

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