Antoine & Wadih Al Safi

Antoine Al Safi has been travelling the world with his father playing the organ and the piano for the last 30 years. Wadih El Safi, who is a legendary singer in the Arab world, especially in the Middle East. Wadih El Safi has received many awards and has been honored for being one of the greatest artists for half a century. His songs are mostly about moral values and love of the country and he is known for adapting himself to all types of music. Antoine Al Safi has an amazing voice that resembles his fathers. He will be doing his first tour in 2013. By clicking the image to the left, you can view the video I have personally filmed and produced in which you will be able to listen and experience Antoine's amazing voice, a voice that will revolutionize the Middle East for the next 30 years. Together they continue to inspire and help the new generation of singers with their experience and moral support. 

Johnny Hachem

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 As a soloist and collaborative pianist, Mr. Johnny has performed throughout the Middle East (Jordan, Bahrain, and Egypt just to name a few) and Europe. He has appeared as a soloist many times and his competitive performances and compositions have yielded two top prizes in France.  As an international award winner, versatile pianist, composer and dedicated teacher, Mr. Johnny Hachem is also a holder of the 2009 international award for music composition, the International composition conference/ Cergy-Pontoise, France and 2009  Cergy-pontoise University international price for the best musical composition. speaks three languages (Arabic, English and French). He is currently a Music Professor at the Higher National Conservatory of Music in Beirut, Lebanon where he teaches his composition, harmony and theory. 

Sobhi Tawfik

Click the image to hear Toul Manta Ghayeb

The Lebanese singer Sobhi Tawfik had a childhood like any other kid. At the age of 5, Sobhi Tawfik already knew by heart many passages of the Koran. At the same time, he learned Western song with Nabih El Khatib. He was a big fan of the singer Oum Kalthoum and Sabah Fakhri, in addition to all the great figures of the Arabic classical music. He composed his first song in 1994: Toul Manta Ghayeb was an instant success. He thus decided to give the same same to his first album, which was released soon after. The boom of this album was just as surprising, and Sobhi Tawfik was asked to produce it for a second time. With the next albums Aagbak Kida and Mahsoudin, Sobhi Tawfik became a rising star int he Lebanese pop industry. He rapidly broke the record of the most listened songs, with Mahsoudin, Taakharet Ktiri, Dafini and Inti Mish Zayohoum, to only name a few. 

Melhem Barakat

A Lebanese actor, singer and composer, born in 1944 in Kafr Chima in Lebanon. Melhem Barakat listened tirelessly through his youth to the music of famous Egyptian composer and singer, Mohamed Abdelwahab, who gave him all his life’s passion for music. At a young age he discovered a growing passion for composing and singing in the convent school of St. Maron El Meouchi. He then began a career that took him from success to success. The first challenge that Melhem came across was the writing, composing and playing of the play "Al Amira Zumurrud". He has distinguished himself in songs regularly, producing tubes such as the legendary "Ala Babi Waef Amarin", "Enta Habibi", "Abouha Radi" or "Farah Ennass." Several scenes of concerts and festivals still remember his passage and his magnificent performances. Melham is now considered a great Maestro of Arabic music, of a true incomparable genius.

Elissa Z. Khoury

Elissa Z. Khoury, known as Elissa is a Lebanese singer. She is one of the most well-known female singers in the Arab world. Born to a Lebanese father and a Syrian mother, Elissa was raised in the Bekaa valley. She earned a degree in Political Science from the Lebanese University. Not many Arab divas have Elissa's combination of interpretation, originality and emotion in their voices. Those became her trademarks, along with her "sweet and sour" husky tone of voice. Elissa's vocal range is in the mezzo-soprano register. Elissa has won two World Music Awards for best-selling artist in the Middle East in 2005 and 2006. Total sales of her albums are close to 19 million, making her one of the most popular Lebanese singers ever.