Serafin Debesa

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As an artist; he is well known for his unique and innovative pieces. He is best described by others as a simple man with a great big heart that is always ready to help. Serafin sees his art as a touch of magic. His colors are bold, hot and spicy. As he puts it "when you can blend art and just get magic!" He attributes much of his success to his 30 years in the Video Broadcasting World. As one of the true pioneers of Dimensional Art with a flare in electronics, much of his work can be seen on You Tube. "I want the buyer to feel my work and discover his or her own sense of wonder and imagination. I want to strike an emotion." Every piece is guaranteed from the heart with its own personality. Unique in materials and craftsmanship; Serafin uses a variety of mediums such as paint, charcoal, inks, plastic, metal etc. to catch your eye. It’s your one of a kind masterpiece. Remembering the beauty of South Florida as a child much of his work depicts an element of nature. Please come and enjoy the passion in Serafin’s Art; perhaps there is a piece with magic waiting for you! Commissioned work is available upon request. Serafin can be reached at his Miami Beach studio at 786-308-5080 or online at

Written By Peggy Ann Ragonese

Ezechiel Iloga

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One way to tell Ezekiel Iloga does not claim a school or a particular artistic movement. He simply just paints freely and with everything he has in his heart. What could be more normal for this 35 year old man, deaf mute who has never been in a school of fine art and does not even know of the existence of special schools in the area? His master is one who sweats sensitivity with regard to his works. Rather art theorists who say that it "style oscillates between the figurative and the naive." The artist is conscious? Still, he is content to paint simply. French Cultural Centre of Yaoundé officials say that this is the third exhibition of Ezekiel and was impressed because at each exhibition is a new style he brings. "It is not like many artists who have works almost all similar," he says. Each of the 24 paintings exhibited at the French Cultural Centre tells or describes a particular scene. Some are children playing in the courtyard of a village or in a canoe on a river. The others depict scenes of horse racing, cycling or just parts hunting or traditional dance, etc.

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Mary Farah